Help save Short Term Rental Industry

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Enjoy your voucher when the property reopens

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Adopt a Host is a SOLIDARITY PLATFORM designed to help short term rental Properties to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 health emergency on their businesses. As the global travel and tourism sector grinds to a halt following travel bans, flight cancellations and Non Refundable Bookings refunded; many Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs or Vacation Rental Property Managers are struggling to plug the hole in their monthly income.

By purchasing a gift voucher for a future stay at a property of your choice, you can help save an industry that means so much to so many travellers.

For those of us who love to travel, staying in unique spaces, we have many accommodations and many places to visit, so let’s help now to stay after the confinement. Find out what makes each host and property special on properties.

How does the prepaid voucher works?

You can select by clicking your favorite places to stay directly on properties. Once selected a property, you purchase a gift voucher and proceed to payment by debit or credit card. The property directly receives the deposit in its account and you will receive a voucher by email.

Once you have a reservation and you wish to apply the balance of your gift card to the amount due, you can only redeem your gift card at the property you have purchased the gift card from. You can contact them to honour your gift card in advance or in person when you check-in.